Success Stories

Enhancing Operational Efficiency at Lycoming County Resource Management Services

At Martz Technologies, Inc. we excel at challenges, and our recent collaboration with Lycoming County Resource Management Services (LCRMS) demonstrates our expertise in Control Systems Integration. This project, valued at nearly $900,000, unfolded over a 12-month period, showcasing our company’s capabilities and commitment to excellence.

Scope of Work: Our collaboration with LCRMS included the replacement and startup of six fully automated Leachate Pump Control Panels, alongside their primary Leachate Pump House Control Panel. With a focus on process optimization and issue resolution, we provided level monitoring and flow monitoring equipment, and a plant wide network with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.

Infrastructure Advancements: An essential aspect of this project entailed a fiber optic network upgrade, enabling real-time monitoring and control across the plant. Our team designed, installed, and tested over 12,000 feet of 24-strand single mode fiber optic cable, terminating all 720 LC fiber connectors across the campus. This infrastructure overhaul laid the groundwork for seamless SCADA integration, amplifying operational insights, and empowering LCRMS with enhanced control capabilities. Our collaboration with CoStream (formerly VZRscada) played a pivotal role in deploying a SCADA system, enhancing operational visibility, predictive analysis, and control.

Engineering Excellence: Our in-house team crafted a robust solution tailored to LCRMS’s needs. Over 250 pages of detailed AutoCAD drawings were created to guide the implementation process. Furthermore, our software developers mastered new PLC hardware platforms to deliver a solution that empowered plant operators with intuitive control and comprehensive plant oversight.

Acknowledgments: The success of this project extends from the dedication and expertise of our team members. Special recognition is due to Dan Zelazny, whose project management and design coordination ensured timely completion and client satisfaction. Likewise, Nathan Higgins deserves commendation for his proficiency in mastering new technologies and delivering a solid software solution.

Conclusion: At Martz Technologies, we take pride in our ability to tackle projects with diligence, teamwork, and integrity. Our approach, bolstered by a diverse team of professionals, positions us as a premier partner for automation solutions across industries.